High Precision
· Analyze over 40 compounds in air
· Detection limit to 0.1 ppt
Full Automation
· Automatic sequence operation
· Automatic data processing
Total Solution
· Air sampling instruments
· Data quality control and services
High-precision ODS and
fluorinated gas monitoring system
Provide supporting data for climate change and international conventions
· 1st commercialized system worldwide
· Analyze over 40 compounds in a single run
· Detection limit to 0.1 ppt
· Fully automatic operation
· Remote maintenance option
Total solution for in-situ montoring of ODS and HFCs in ambient air

The total solution of in-situ monitoring of ODS and HFCs is composed of sampling pipelines and filter, an optional water condenser, an air sampling module, an ODS5-PRO instrument (including GC-MS), standardgas, auxiliary gases (helium and nitrogen), and a computer used as a data server. Ambient air is drawn from the top of sampling tower to ODS5-PRO by an air pump in the air sampling module continuously, and send into the system by another sampling pump during sampling stage. Raw data is collected by the internal computer of ODS5-Pro and then uploaded to data server though WIFI or mobile networks. The ODSData software installed on the data server can process received data automatically to obtain concentration-time profile for each compound.

Software Platform
The control software and data processing software are specially developed for ODS and HFCs monitoring, which bring the best reliability and efficiency.
Operation control
Data acquisition and alarm control
Automatic data processing
Data quality control
Data comparison of
multiple sites